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disaster-relief/refugee services/foster care/
non-profit client


After volunteering for another disaster-relief non-profit, I knew I wanted to do more work for clients who truly help humanity. Along came Inspiritus...


The challenge: I started doing contract work for Inspiritus right before Hurricane Dorian made landfall in North Carolina on September 6, 2019. They needed to recruit volunteers right away and get the message out for donations. So that's what I did-I developed a volunteer recruitment campaign and grew online donations. What evolved was a branded look & feel for all their disaster relief efforts (including a logo on trailers and tshirts), and developing lead generation campaigns.  

The solution: Create immediate awareness for this disaster relief non-profit

The channels:

  • Vehicle wraps

  • Social media

  • Volunteer recruitment

  • Email Marketing

  • Website Management

  • Infographics

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