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I call myself  a 'Creative Strategist'. I'm equal parts creative director, designer, front-end programmer, strategist, writer, and dreamer. 

I've developed original content, launched social channels, analyzed digital data, grown brands, and through it all, I've become an expert storyteller.


I've worked in many fields: public relations, nonprofit, consumer, financial, fundraising, healthcare, entertainment and event marketing. Chances are if it's some type of marketing message, I've done it.


I know how to work all the acronyms: UX/UI, DTC, OTC, B2B, B2C and I've done it ASAP with CTAs that generate ROI results.


I love spending time with my kids, my rescue dog Lil, and creating collages which appear in regional art shows and galleries.  

Want to know more? Click on my experience, download my resume below, or contact me. Let's connect!

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