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Languishing Vs. Flow

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

I thought this TED talk with Adam Grant was especially 'on point' in describing the collective mood over the past year and a half.

2021 unfolded with the demise of Trump (thank god), only to be confronted by the horrific storming of the Capitol on January 6. We were vaccinated, only to be confronted with a surge in breakthrough cases. Places opened up, only to be confronted with wearing masks again (btw, that's something I gladly do).

The nightly news isn't any better with images of travelers getting into physical altercations mid-air, horrific natural disasters (too many to count), and Texas' machiavellian push-through and policing of its anti-abortion law (not to mention the racial unrest and gun violence that is on heavy rotation each day...)

And that's only on the world's stage. On my own stage, I constantly worry about my kid's health and safety, plus countless other issues swirling around in my 3am doom scroll list that makes me feel in a dulled state of languishing.

The one thing that helps me get our of this state and find my "flow" is my CREATIVITY. I get lost in it and it gives me a sense of mastering &'ll know what I mean when you watch this TED Talk below. Watch when you have a few minutes to spare:


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